We’re glad you found us!

Let’s fill you in on a few important things before we dive in.

Pricing Facts:

  • WLA is a Firm, our hourly rate is $150/hr (with a minimum 960hr retainer)
  • The average bid contract we take on is between $15,000-$30,000
  • Our minimum project budget is $5,000

If these numbers align with your expectations then you are in the right place. If these numbers are freak’n you out, thats ok! You are probably looking for a Freelancer.

We are looking for long term relationships. Sure, we will build your one-off site but what we really want to do is help you build the foundation for your web presence for years to come. We can help you establish the procedures and expectations for your company to truly qualify your website as a business asset.

Communication is key. Some companies have pre-established project communication procedures and we are happy to use them. If you don’t, we do! We have all the project management tools to keep you or your team up to date, and make sure you can keep us informed as the project evolves.

Our promise. Like any relationship there may come a time when we need to have tough conversations or make tough decisions. We promise that we will not delay, postpone or otherwise sidestep these moments. You are paying us to give you straight answers so you can make sound decisions.

An Introduction to WowLookArt

OK … Lets dive in!

Who is WLA?

WLA is a full service web development firm with offices located in Burke VA. We are a husband and wife owned company with a strong team of designers, developers and other specialists. Our goal is to help our clients evolve their websites and web products into measurable business assets. We strive to provide solutions that solve the immediate needs of our clients, as well as streamline the long term evolution and growth of their site.

What does WLA do?

We build WordPress sites! Specifically we build sales and marketing sites for Small Businesses and Corporations. We specialize in helping our clients turn their forward facing sites into an asset that is easy to maintain and to interface with their sales vehicle. Whether it’s a brick and mortar store or an online product or service we help our clients get the most out of their web presence while developing long term goals and budgets to help them grow.

We also provide a suite of other design and development services, from designing print collateral to serving as a remote development team.

Some of our most popular services include:

  • WordPress development
  • UX/UI design and development
  • Accessibility consulting and development (508 compliance, etc.)
  • Branding and print design

We do not build proprietary products! We intentionally do not provide any solutions that would corner our clients into doing business with only us. We see it as our duty to earn your repeat business by building a quality product delivered alongside phenomenal customer service.

What is working with WLA like?

We are all about communication. A phenomenally built product is only valuable if it brings about the results a client is looking to accomplish. We take this to heart and strive to truly understand the business goals and metrics our clients will use to measure the success of their new site.

We handle the entire life cycle of your site creation from discovery to design, development, launch and training, as well as any steps in between. Our passion for communication shines through in every phase of the project. We seek feedback and confirmation throughout the project to make sure that what we are building is in line with the results you are looking to get.

We also take training very seriously! As part of our commitment to re-earn your future business we make sure that every tool we create is built to be used and understood by the client. And that every client has the needed training and documentation to be able to perform and pass-on those skills to their staff.

Also, WLA takes full responsibility for you project. We are a fully insured general contracting company. We regularly manage specialist sub-contractors that might be needed for specific deliverables and assume full responsibility for their liability and payment. We will never ask you to contract directly with a specialist forcing you to take liability for them, their payment and their impact on the project. That said, we are happy to work along side any in-house or contractor specialist that might already be involved in your project.

What types of clients does WLA take on?

WLA provides WordPress solutions for Small Businesses and Corporations of all sizes and locales. Our average client budget is between $15-35k.

Our entry level Small Business product is $5,000. We provide new builds, redesigns, long-term maintenance, emergency fixes, as well as consultation and training. We offer many non-web services such as rebranding and print design. We offer both contract and retainer relationships depending on your needs.

For our Corporate clients we also offer custom long-term engagements as a remote web team to help build and maintain your site or web product. This can include any number of services such as accessibility consulting (508 compliance, WCAG, etc), user testing, or any other needs our full stack developers can meet.

To learn more about how we can help your business with it’s next project contact us.

An Introduction to WordPress

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the number one Content Management System (CMS) on the internet today with no close second. Over 60 million websites are run using the WordPress CMS as of 2013 and that number is growing every year.

I thought WordPress was for blogs?

It is true that when WordPress was originally created in 2003 its original purpose was a blogging platform. Since then, thousands of developers have evolved this open source product into the extremely verbose and extensible CMS we use today.

Is WordPress an ‘Enterprise Level’ solution?

In a word, Yes. Some of the largest companies in the world are leveraging WordPress to deliver their content and manage their work flow. Some of those include BestBuy, CNN, Dow Jones and TIME.

Is WordPress secure?

Yes, WordPress has an extremely dedicated group of developers constantly testing and evolving its core security. Like any CMS it is important that the site owner keep up with security updates and patches as they come out. Just like you update your Windows or OSX version when they release patches. There are several steps to make sure your site stays secure and healthy.

  • Backups – Daily backups or even better incremental backups are imperative. You should never let your backups lapse in the same way as you would never let your home owner’s insurance lapse.
  • Updates and Best Practices – Update your site as soon as a new version comes out, and be mindful of what you install. There are thousands of plugins, but picking them at random without research is just as dangerous as installing random software on your computer. Malware can infect your site in the same way as it does your computer so be mindful of what you install. When in doubt, ask us!
  • Security Scans – Perform regular security scans (like Norton for your website). Generally this service is bundled with your backups, but can be purchased separately as well.

Will WordPress grow to meet my future needs?

Absolutely, this is one of our primary reasons for using WordPress as the CMS for all our clients. Even if you need to pair back some functionality to stay in budget, you can always add those features later on. Nothing we build for our clients will ever curb your ability to grow and add more functionality in the future. We encourage our clients to think about what your highest priorities are right now. This allows us to maximize on those priorities, giving you the best possible return on investment for your current budget and plan the less vital features for when your future budget allows.